Know About Making Profits from The Sawdust Carbonization Machine

Sawdust, which also goes by the name of wood powder or wood chips, is the residue that remains after processing wood. Sawdust has a very low value and the recycling costs are also low. With the latest developments in technology and science, along with an increase in the need to protect the environment, sawdust now has another use known as carbonization by sawdust charcoal machine. Carbonization of sawdust which first originated in Korea and Japan belongs to something called biomass carbonization technology.

Charcoal is useful in the form of energy-charcoal which is used in fields that involve filtering and disinfecting due to its outstanding absorption qualities. Charcoal is also used on a wide scale in the agricultural and industrial sectors and the demand for these products continues to increase. The primary features of these carbonization machines are continuous production, they use clean and environmentally-friendly processes, and the machines offer a reliable performance.

Sawdust to Charcoal Machine

Beston Sawdust to Charcoal Machine for Sale

The standard production of these  sawdust carbonization machines is 0.5t/h-5 t/h, and these machines are usually designed to the specifications of the customer. However, the core technology remains the same which includes raw materials, drying, and carbonization. After the drying process, production of the sawdust and the charcoal is 3:1. The sawdust at this stage has a water content of 12%, once the process completes the end product produced is activated carbon or carbon rods. Also, this machine can deal with bamboo. See more info:

The Process Of Turning Sawdust Into Charcoal By Sawdust Carbonization Machine

The sawdust is fed into the carbonization machine through a quantitive feeder. The machine is heated using the LPG, coal, along with other types of fuel. The preheat time is around 30 minutes.

As the carbonization processes begin, combustible gases are produced, which flows into the cyclone-dust remover, the spray-dust collector and finally into the condenser. As these combustible gases enter the condenser, the wood vinegar and wood tar separate.

Once this process completes, combustible gases are forced out by a draft fan where the gas is used to heat up the carbonization host. The charcoal is automatically discharged once the temperature reaches about 30 degrees.

Sawdust Charcoal Machine

Beston Sawdust Charcoal Machine for Sale

Once the process of sawdust carbonization completes, you are left with wood vinegar, tar, combustible gas, and sawdust charcoal. Know the uses after reading the following content.

Uses Of Sawdust Charcoal

• Agriculture

Sawdust charcoal is commonly used for heating greenhouses and improving the quality of the soil.

• Industry

Sawdust in addition to being reprocessed into charcoal is also used in the construction bricks made from clay. This charcoal can also be used as a fuel in generators to produce electricity.

• Consumer Use

Sawdust charcoal is one of the best products for BBQs.

Benefits Of The Sawdust Carbonization Machine:

• The double-layered design, which ensures the bottom part of these machines is in contact with an adequate level of hot air.

• It uses a one-fire 2 step method, which is innovative and unique which saves a great deal of energy over the working processes.

• There are various models to choose from, offering a machine to suit all budgets.

• The temperature is controlled via a control cabinet, which means the machine is able to operate in a controlled and safe environment.

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